10 Ways Your Child Can Change the World

For anyone, especially a kid, the world can be a big and confusing place. People make decisions effecting them every day and it’s hard to to know how to get involved. These simple but effective steps can help any kid, young or old, get involved and feel like they’re making a difference.

1. Find a cause - In 2007 it was very obvious that the honey bee population was rapidly declining. A friend’s daughter learned about it in school and wanted to do something. She joined a local campaign to create awareness and got updates on the group’s progress and simple things she could do to help.

2. Teach abundance – America’s economy depends on consuming and spending. Instead of focusing on buying more stuff, try setting aside quality family time to talk about what is important what makes everyone feel abundant. You’ll be amazed with the results.

3. Composting – It’s easy to throw away your food at the end of the meal especially when you don’t know where it goes after it leaves the house. Composting is a simple way to reduce household garbage and is a project everyone in the family can do.

4. Volunteer - Volunteering connects everyone to their communities. Get involved in a local tree planting campaign or a trail clean up or a library event that promotes literacy. The options are endless.

5. Library -There is a world of learning at the library just waiting for someone to pick up a book and explore. As I write this I’m sitting in the library and from my vantage point are books in art, world history, sports and hobbies.

6. Start a fund drive- Those bees still need to be saved. Collect cans and donate the money your favorite charity or the Save the Bees foundation. Or create a homemade art project like puppets or water color pictures and sell them to friends and family and donate that money to a charity.

7. Learn about politics – The political process can confusing for anyone no matter what your age. But it doesn’t have to be. Make a list and research your local politicians their causes. If there is a bill up for a vote that can effect your family, sit down with your kids and draft a nice letter expressing your concerns. It can be very rewarding knowing you wrote to your local politician and did something.

8. Turn scraps into art – Cut up old plastic pop bottles and use them as vases or cut up old milk cartoons and fill them with dirt and plant something. You’ll be saving at least one or two items from the landfill.

9. Turn your hobby into activism – Do you like to fish but don’t like the water quality? Do you like to go for walks but there are no sidewalks in your neighborhood? Remember that list you made of politicians in your local area? Start writing them letters about your concerns and what you think can be done.

10. Use your imagination – Make your own list and come up with creative ways in which your whole family can help save the world!

Anna Alexander, Staff Writer, www.FamilyAcademyOnline.com
Anna Alexander is a freelance writer and producer. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and cat who lets them pay his mortgage. She can be reached at anna@acloserlookradio.com

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